Book Reviewer Home Jobs: How to Get Paid to Read Books

You can actually get paid to read books online. Sounds like a dream job, right? There are chances to earn extra money with jobs reading books from home. You can also get paid to write book reviews if you have a good writing style and earn from home with book reviewers jobs.

If you love reading and have strong opinions or observations on what you read, this job is right up your street, as you can get paid to review books at home.

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There are many online sites and companies that offer to pay you for your valuable review of books of different genres. Some companies also ask you to post your reviews on your blog to get added publicity.

Learning Points

  • Ways to Get Paid to Write Book Reviews
  • How to Become a Paid Book Reviewer
  • Sites That’ll Pay You to Read Review Books

Prep Time

If you’re new to reviewing books, I’d suggest you do some prep work first just to get the hang of things. Read a few reviews, get some books and publish reviews on Amazon or on Goodreads. Believe me, this will benefit you a great deal. You’ll learn the ropes of professional review writing and you can learn a lot from other reviewers.

With any luck, you could even get people to follow your reviews if you have a flair for writing. This audience could prove invaluable later on, in your attempt to get paid to read books.

Consider all Aspects of this Kind of Work from Home Job:

  • Consider genres to get paid to read books.
  • Will you do only reviews or author interviews; editing and proof reading; manuscript reader jobs; copyeditors and copyediting jobs if you love reading books.
  • Post reviews on your blog as well as on Amazon and Goodreads etc.
  • You can accept printed books as well as PDFs and books on Kindle.
  • Decide whether you want to write positive reviews or neutral ones when you want to make money online (Many companies would like to pay you for writing positive reviews. It is a matter of personal ethics)
  • Check out tips for writing interesting reviews.

get paid to write book reviews

Finding a Job – Get Paid to Read Books at Home

You’ve probably heard of a sponsored blog post, where you write about a product or a service and the company pays you to write it. Well, book reviewing is somewhat similar. Companies requiring reviews send you books and you need to review them honestly.

The books get more exposure this way and the company pays you for the service. You will be given a specific timeline for completing the review. Some companies require specifications like the publication date, the price, a summary, author observations, some brief quotes or a deeper analysis. You must follow these requirements.

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Many websites post book titles on periodic basis and you can select a title that you are interested in, for getting paid to read.  The site than chooses writers based on whether your profile fits their titles. You may also have to submit a resume and some samples of your review work before you are considered for such work from home jobs.

Start Book Review Blog for Online Jobs

For those who love to read books, consider starting your own blog for reviewing books to earn money online.  Authors of new books on the lookout for reviewers might approach you with brand new books to read.

You can showcase your expertise in your blog and start building strong relationships with authors and publishers. They might even put you on their marketing list and send you emails and catalogs of new releases.

Before starting your own book review blog, check out other book blogs on the Internet and then put your own spin on it.

Book Reviewer Home Jobs Here’s How You Can Get Paid to Read Books

Going After Opportunities to Get Paid to Read Books

The time is now ripe for bookworms to go after paid opportunities for book reviews. Check out the best reviews in your blog or portfolio and save them. You can send links to prospective companies or websites to begin such online jobs from home.  Prepare a conventional resume as well to prove your writing abilities, along with a covering letter.

  • Check Out Freelance Reading Jobs to get paid online.
  • Keep applying wherever you see ‘Book Reviewer wanted’ till you pick up some good companies or publications.
  • Approach Magazines and newspapers for freelance book review jobs. Pitch directly to the person editing specific sections, rather than a general email. Give a brief summary about yourself, your review work and even send a completed sample.
  • Check out opportunities where you get paid to read and rate articles.

Check out these 16 sites offering freelance book reviewer jobs:

  • Online Book Club
  • Story Cartel
  • Any Subject
  • The US Review
  • Book Browse
  • Kirkus
  • Astronomy
  • BookLook Bloggers
  • Springer
  • Moody Publishers
  • Tyndale Blog Network
  • Chicago Book Review
  • Bethany House
  • NewPages
  • Civitas
  • The Writer

Stay Tuned

Remember, that you need to keep yourself tuned to current developments in your field if you want to get paid to write book reviews.

  • Check out all recent book publications, especially the ones in your chosen genres, when you have decided to earn money reading books.

(Hint:  Amazon and Noble usually have sections where they mention the latest or upcoming publications.)

  • Follow publishers and authors on social media and sign up for emails to get the latest book information.

Payment Terms

Some companies hire a book reviewer and pay him/her in cash. Still others don’t make cash payment but offer compensation in the form of free book copies.

Get Paid to Read Books

As for how much you are going to get paid to read books, it varies depending on various factors:

  • The size of the book
  • The number of words in the review
  • The subject of the book or genre
  • Time period or deadline for submission

You could possibly earn anywhere between $5 to around $60 for a book review, depending on the above factors.

Last Word

While a book reviewer job is an enjoyable one, especially if you are an avid reader, you cannot consider it as your main source of bread and butter.

Moreover, it is important that you read the book before attempting a review. There is easy money to be made here, as you get paid to read books at home.  But you need to put your heart into it.

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My contention is that if you love to read books, what have you got to lose anyway? Some sleep probably, but you’ve already been missing out on it if you’re already into reading, right? So, settle down on your favorite couch, you bookworms and get ready to make some easy money.

Are you excited? I am on your behalf. There are so many opportunities for making money with book reviews. I’d love to hear if you’re able to land any of these jobs and begin your book reviewing business from home.

If you love reading books, you can earn money reading books and get freelance book review jobs. This is an easy way to get paid to read books at home.

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