Elon Musk Buys Twitter… And The Tweets Around Shareholder Town Is That You Must Buy Shares Now

To cut to the profitable chase… now is the time to buy stocks in Twitter before the Elon Musk deal closes and Twitter potentially becomes a privately held company.

As we’re sure you’ve heard , Elon Musk has purchased the social media company, Twitter. The New York Times reported, “Twitter agreed to sell itself to Mr. Musk for $54.20 a share, a 38 percent premium over the company’s share price this month before he revealed he was the firm’s single largest shareholder. It would be the largest deal to take a company private — something Mr. Musk has said he will do with Twitter — in at least two decades, according to data compiled by Dealogic.” 

Buy Now, Get 10% On Earnings

While still in process, the awaited closing of the deal gives new shareholders a brief timeframe to buy Twitter shares. It’s also a time to potentially earn nearly 10% off their purchase if the Musk deal goes through. Yahoo Finance reported that the company board members unanimously approved the $54.20-per-share acquisition for recommendation to Twitter shareholders.

Twitter stock has historically traded between $31.30 and $73.34 a share. Now, those looking to garner financial rewards in this social media mega-company in the future can buy shares for around $50 following Musk’s acquisition offer. “If the deal collapses, however, the company’s stock price could fall 30% to where it was trading before Musk’s announcement went live.”

How do you Buy Twitter Shares? 

As the much-awaited news of whether Twitter will go private or remain public leaves those already invested in the company impatient. However, those who’ve never owned a small piece of this pie can now jump to invest.

As of now, Twitter is still a publicly-traded company on the New York Stock Exchange. With a small financial investment, you will own a small slice of the social media giant. A media giant worth 1.57B with an expanding revenue of above 30% year upon year.

Should your mind be on the fence, hanging around is not possible with the ability to buy shares limited to the next few days. It’s now or never! Should the company become private, the ability to buy more shares will be over. Yes, the deal has been struck, but the fat lady has yet to sing with the closing of the deal still unknown. For now, you’re still be able to buy or sell Twitter stock until the deal is closed. 

CNBC explains, “So if you desire to have an ownership stake in the future of Twitter before it’s taken private, you’ll need to…” 

  1. Open a brokerage account where you can buy and hold your stocks. 
  2. Connect a checking account to fund the purchase.
  4. Search the ticker symbol for Twitter, which is “TWTR”
  5. Click the buy button. 

“Analysts surveyed by FactSet expect Twitter to post a first-quarter profit of 5 cents a share on revenue of $1.23 billion. A year earlier, Twitter earned 16 cents a share on revenue of $1.04 billion.” With this, following the above steps and buying at those prices indicates expectations of much higher profitability in the future.

Always Know The Risk Before You Aim For That Reward

We do recommend that you first become aware of all risks and potential losses that could happen should you purchase individual stocks or buy Twitter stock above $54.20. Should you not want to risk your bankroll in hopes of rewards, rather take advantage of other benefits that come with Musk’s new purchase and the potential closing of the deal. 

Boom Business With This New Deal 

Regardless of Twitter shares, this new purchase means free speech and more control for businesses and economic trendsetters. This means those using this social media platform can start tweeting as if their business success depended on it, without worrying that others would be offended by it or that their professional content would be regulated. 

As a business marketer, make your Twitter mark and enjoy the freedom that business talk brings, on a platform that will now see business talk unregulated. Free speech now allows business brands and cultures to sign through for the purpose of increasing customers and revenue.

Before Businesses Aligned With Twitter Culture, Now Businesses Can Really Create Their Own 

Apart from free speech, should the Musk deal be closed, businesses can change the way they use Twitter. Before, they have always used Twitter to reach audiences, promote their products and services and keep an eye on competitors. They did this by aligning with the social, generally-accepted Twitter culture. Regulated businesses somewhat lacked original culture and the ability to create cultural trends. 

Now, businesses can start avoiding culture alignment and create their own culture, cement their mark as trendsetters and thought leaders, and enjoy more sales and conversions that come with authentic business talk. 

Bottom Line – This Risk is Worth the Reward

In our knowledgeable opinion, don’t miss out on this opportunity. We’ve evaluated every angle and scenario and feel that buying Twitter stock now is worth it. At least a strong consideration thereof. After all, investing in shares of any kind – whether you’re an affluent shareholder, an expert player of the stock exchange, or a newbie, this avenue does have huge monetary potential. 

Read the blog? Your Next Step As The Reader (After Buying Twitter Stocks)…

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