Part Time Jobs for Students – Make Money Doing Online Jobs

Those blank spots on your well-drawn up daily timetable could now be turned into solid cash. Part time jobs for students offer them some extra money for that extra time they have got to spare.

This write-up lists out some exciting ways in which students could make money doing online jobs.


While the hefty paycheck that lets you pay your bills is the foremost defense, there actually is much more to it. It is often said that students who balance both studies and work tend to have better time management skills.

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Moreover, a job whether part time or not is always a lesson on handling responsibilities and thus prepares them well for all future jobs!

While there are a huge variety of part time jobs for students to choose from, I believe it is always best for them to make money doing online jobs.


Online jobs are synonymous with flexibility. Letting you earn from the comforts of your home and saving upon all that needless traveling, they are tailor-made for students!

So what are some good options to make money doing online jobs?


Part time jobs for students

Well, this is what I used to do right from my student days. It is something you should definitely try if you are passionate about writing. There is no job better than doing what you love.

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Ranging from creative writing to editing and copy writing, millions of writing opportunities exist online. Try out sites like iWriter , Freelancer, LinkedIn and Craigslist.


Part time jobs for students

Writing might be the most popular freelance job available online but it definitely isn’t the only one.

Are you an expert in web designing, video editing or audio editing? Yes? Well, it wouldn’t be hard for you to find such work online.

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You could do what you love, practice and perfect your trade and also earn on the side doing the same! Sounds good? Doesn’t it!


Part time jobs for students

 Maybe you have an expert knowledge in an in-demand subject? Have you ever imagined yourself making it big as a tutor? Do you think you can keep the lessons interesting, lively and interactive?

If you believe so, online tutorship is a highly substantial option among other part time jobs for students.

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Identify the field or subject you are an expert in, understand what exactly you are supposed to teach your targeted student audience, sign up with an online tutoring portal and you are good to go.

If you are looking for a teaching career after graduation, this could look really good on your CV.


Part time jobs for students

Hear what they say? And type it down too.

Transcription jobs are another great way for students to make money doing online jobs. Clients are always on the lookout for transcribers online.

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You could find transcription jobs on freelance sites and also on transcription specific sites like castingwords. Medical transcription should certainly be tried out by medical students as the works they do could be a learning experience for them.

Transcription surely isn’t the easiest of the jobs, but taking a short course should help you with it.


Part time jobs for students

Do you enjoy an envious relationship with your camera? Do the pics you click make your friends go wow? Well, wows and Facebook likes aren’t the only thing your photographs could get you. It could very well be converted into cash too.

Upload your photos to stock photography sites like ShutterStock, iStockPhoto and 123rf. Selling photos online is thus another one of those good part time jobs for students.


Part time jobs for students

Data entry jobs could be boring but still pays your bills. It is yet another great way for students for make money doing online jobs. All you need to do is to type fast with some accuracy.

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Data entry tasks also offers part time jobs for students who aren’t explicitly talented and lack specific skills sets like editing.


Part time jobs for students

Next time you parents catch you gaming, tell them you working!

Ever thought playing games online could earn you money? Well, it seems it does. Gaming companies are on the lookout for game testers who can find out bugs and goof ups with their games.

Try out sites like zapak, paidgameplayer and CashDazzle to game and earn!


Part time jobs for students

Short and sweet is the catch word here!

It pays you for completing small tasks like review writing, commenting on blogs and posting on forums. Micro Jobs websites thus offers you another good option to make money doing online jobs.

It works well for students as the tasks get over fast and they needn’t be committed to such work for too long. Try out sites like fiverr and rapidworkers.


Part time jobs for students

Your opinion matters! It matters so much that there are a trillion sites that are ready to pay you for it. So why shy away?

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Try out the paid survey sites and earn some extra bucks. Such sites pay you for completing surveys regarding products, services, brands and market research.

Surveys are generally easy to do and you can sleepwalk through it while watching TV or listening to music.


Part time jobs for students

Online shopping is said to be the future and so is Affiliate Marketing. It is going to top any list of part time jobs for students.

In the simplest terms, you became an affiliate of a company and promote their products through the affiliate link provided by them. A buyer landing on the seller’s page through your affiliate link gets you paid.

It definitely is one of the new and most happening ways to make money online doing online jobs.


Part time jobs for students

Do your friends love those home videos you make? Are you good with presentations and have decent communication skills?

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Launch your very own YouTube channel with unique entertaining videos or even routine product and movie reviews.


I still advocate the fact that students should take up part time jobs that come their way. Flexible part time jobs for students that offers more excitement than pressure helps them support themselves amidst all this rising cost of living.

Try your best to align your passions, hobbies and interests into your part time jobs.  Make money doing online jobs and you needn’t worry about empty pockets anymore.

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Part time jobs for students

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