She’s A Gold Digger, Way Over Town, That Digs On Me

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She’s A Gold Digger, Way Over Town, That Digs On Me

Background Story… This classic rap/hip hop song was released on July 5, 2005, and is performed by Kanye West , and Jamie Foxx , along with a video cameo by John Legend . It is the first song to hit #1 in the USA by featuring a reigning Academy Award winning actor (Jamie Foxx/ Ray in 2005 ). Also, Busta Rhymes and Usher are briefly referenced, along with Serena Williams, Jennifer Lopez, Trina, Louis Vuitton, and Geico Insurance.

A gold digger is a person who has a relationship with someone who is rich; in order to get their money, and/or expensive items. They feel entitled to it without working for it. Gold Digger is usually a term used for a woman, but a man is usually called a Gigolo .

Kanye West originally wrote this song for the 2004 debut album ( Worth Tha Weight ) of a female rapper named Shawnna . However, when she did not record it, Kanye rewrote it from a female perspective to a male one, and recruited Jamie Foxx as a featured artist.

PS: This song is actually a parody , with an opposite meaning, of the original version by Ray Charles ( I Got A Woman ). It is meant to be funny, but was not in the novelty genre .


Kanye West = “Gold Digger featuring Jamie Foxx” OFFICIAL VIDEO With Clean Lyrics (edited)

Kanye West = “Gold Digger Original Dirty Lyrics” [Morality Advisory] EXPLICIT OR OFFENSIVE RAP LYRICS

Ray Charles = “I Got A Woman ” (Original Song Released In 1954) “Well, I Got A Woman, Way Over Town, That’s Good To Me, Oh Yeah! (repeat) She Give Me Money, When I’m In Need, Yeah, She’s A Kind Of, Friend Indeed…”

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