What are NFTs & Why Meta’s Mark Zuckerberg Plans to Instate Them

Cryptocurrencies and digital currencies aren’t new, nor is the ability to make money off them. However, like the ever-changing business and making-money game, so too is the world of profitable digital currency changing and bringing out something new. 

Before, those looking to reap the digital green bills and get their bankroll skyrocketing could follow the six strategies to make money. These included invest, trade, stake, lend, crypto social media, mining, or airdrops and forks. Along with the new strategies and exciting new NFT platforms and marketplaces , those seeking to make money can now look to Non-Fungible Tokens ( NFTS) .

NFT Marketplaces are the Ideal Place  

And look now at NFTs at a time when Metaverse’s Mark Zuckerberg is making Instagram an NFT marketplace. And now at a time where the metaverse is becoming the ideal place to support digital goods. Also at a time when the largest NFT marketplaces are seeing more than $2 billion in volume. 

According to Marker , “As we ended 2021, NFTs were white-hot. Forty-one billion dollars hot, and everywhere. Twitter beat Zuckerberg to the NFT punch, letting tweeters use an NFT as their profile picture, Spotify is hiring for NFTs, and brands from Budweiser to Louis Vuitton are producing them. You can even buy a virtual NFT of the McDonald’s McRib .”

Yes, the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022 has seen the world take hold of these unique cryptographic tokens which effortlessly fill a desperate need in the digital world. A need to fill what it’s been missing: authenticity, credible scarcity. 

And this year this “digital document that identifies one true owner of a digital product” will represent real-world items, from artwork and real estate, and “tokenize” these real-world tangible assets making buying, selling, and trading them more efficient while reducing the probability of fraud.

But, how does one enjoy a slice of this profitable new pie? How do you leverage off the NFT Digital Collectible Craze

Artists, Brands, Realtors, Businesses, Entrepreneurs… Take Note

Having done our research at Easy Earned Money , our team of financial experts and advisors believe the potential in the NFT new market is huge. Fortunately for you, we’ve done the heavy work so you can cut through the noise. With this, you can leverage our recommended opportunities to make money:

  • On Instagram: Zuckerberg also said that individuals and companies will “hopefully” in the coming months be able to mint their own NFTs within the app.
  • A Branch-Off Lucrative Business Opportunity: If Fortune is saying the following, it has to be true, “Zuckerberg also reportedly mentioned he hopes avatar clothing in the metaverse could be minted as NFTs, too, which is already a common occurrence in the overall space and lucrative business for blockchain-based, play-to-earn companies.”
  • Own Your Own NFT Which Is Like Owning A Piece Of Art:   Own the original and prove your ownership with a unique code that only you own – and then make money off this by being the first to sell your original content as an NFT.  DO YOU WANT TO DISCOVER HOW I GOT OVER A MILLION SUBSCRIBERS
  • As Small Biz Trends recommends : Select your marketplace based on content suitability, mint the NFT (turn the digital asset into a crypto collectible), and link to your crypto wallet. Each platform or marketing will have different processes and allow you to either sell the item as a one-off purchase or earn royalties. 
  • Forbes shows the following wares which can be NFT-monetized and NFT-profitable: Art, gifs, videos, sports highlights, collectibles, virtual avatars, and video game skins, design sneakers, music, tweets. Start your own NFT collection with any one of these, or combine them within your collection.

The Keyword here is Net

Overall, as Marker puts it, “[If you’re a capitalist and generally think that functioning markets improve lives… Bringing credible scarcity and authenticity to digital markets is a net positive — but the keyword there is “net.” 

To get gain that positive net, you want to do as Forbes recommends, “Approach NFTs just like you would any investment: Do your research, understand the risks—including that you might lose all of your investing dollars—and if you decide to take the plunge, proceed with a healthy dose of caution.”

Start Profiting Now And In The Long-Term As NFTs Are Not A Passing Fad

Contrary to cynical belief, NFTs are not a passing fad. At Easy Earned Money we believe NFTs offer the money-hungry long-term profitable potential. Even Harvard Business Review views the long-term potential of NFTs stating, “But don’t make the mistake of thinking that NFTs are a passing fad. While the current hype cycle might be fueled by crypto-millions and Discord-obsessed Gen-Z users, NFTs could be the killer app of Web3 and its gateway into traditional commerce.” 

The online site continues, “The really interesting thing about NFTs is the tech they run on. [This]  which reveals their broader promise as a vehicle by which brands bypass the platform-centric marketing world of Web2 and reclaim ownership of their digital consumer relationships.”

Now that you know what NFTs are, the reasons why Meta’s Mark Zuckerberg plans to instate them, and why you should start looking into these tokens as a potential for profit, we recommend you do so now. As a hot commodity, the time is now. 

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